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    Here at Red Mountain Cardiothoracic Surgeons, P.C we have a history of providing the most up to date procedures - making us one of the leading cardiovascular and thoracic practices in Arizona. In addition both Dr. Michael C. Maxwell and Dr. Iva A. Smolens specialize in out-patient vein procedures of the legs. 

        Each of the three doctors believes in spending time with their patients and recommending surgery isn't always the treatment that they suggest. Sometimes the solution is education, testing or medication, not necessarily surgery. When the solution is surgery however, the highly trained doctors are qualified to perform all facets of heart, chest and vascular surgery, including:

Heart surgery for coronary artery disease, valvular heart            disease and heart failure.

Chest surgery for diseases of the lung and esophagus.

Blood vessel surgery for disease of the arteries.
Vein surgery for varicose vein and venous stasis disease.

Additionally, our office and staff is equipped to provide the most precise care on an individualized basis.

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